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Digital Planner


We are so excited to introduce our

Digital Fairy Tale Wedding Planner

The first wedding planner specifically

designed for those planning

a Fairy Tale Wedding in Walt Disney World.

Featuring over 250 pages of planning guides, 

inspiration pages, and vendor research, and even a 24 month calendar this lovingly designed planner blends modern wedding elegance and the magic of disney will make it easy and fun to plan your dream wedding! 

Designed as an interactive pdf, this digital planner features clickable tabs and index page, and navigation bar. Making it the optimal tool when used in applications like goodnotes or noteshelf on your ipad or tablet. 

The Purchase of a digital planner also includes

access to our digital accessories library featuring accessories like digital stickers, wedding weekend printables, and much more.

The Printable


Our lovingly designed

Fairy Tale Wedding Planner 

available as a series of printables perfect 

if you prefer a tangible planner you can customize to fit your specific needs! 

This collection of printables features our complete

collection of planning pages, inspiration and vision guides, calendar layouts, guest management and so much more. 

The printable planner comes complete with an

assembled planner as well as individual spreads to mix an match to fit your wedding planning timeline and needs. 


Also features printable tab marker to attach to

section dividers and so much more.  

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Fairy Tale Wedding Planner


 We are so proud and so excited to be able to offer

our amazing Fairy Tale Wedding Planner

in beautiful physical form

Featuring a linen wrapped spiral bound cover

with stamped gold leaf accents on the cover and tabs, pockets and a sheet of over 200 task and planning stickers. 

This beautiful planner will be your go to accessory as you plan your magical event, and serve as a memory to keep for years to come.

A wonderful gift for a newly engaged couple planning a wedding in the

Most Magical Place on Earth

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